Pupil Transportation

Department Approval Required for Certain Purchases or Services

Prior written approval by the Department's Pupil Transportation Unit is required before the following expenditures will be allowed for Transportation Aid:

  • Computerized bus routing systems and fleet maintenance programs, which cost in excess of $10,000. (Annual program licensing or service fees do not require approval.) - Application Approval For Bus Routing Systems PDF ICON  (9KB) - Requests for approval of computerized bus routing and fleet maintenance programs must be made on this Department application form.
  • Computer equipment purchases, modifications and upgrades, where the aggregate cost exceeds $5,000.
  • Two-way radios installed on old buses or locally installed on new buses, where the aggregate cost exceeds $10,000.
  • Radio base stations, antennas and repeaters, where the aggregate cost exceeds $5,000.

Requests for all other approvals should be made on your school district letterhead and should include a description of the items or services, the quantity and cost, and an explanation of why such items or services are needed in addition to the Approval for Transportation Purchases form. The district is encouraged to submit a copy of the original invoice along with other necessary papers. Please include an email address so that we may send the approval notice to your district. WRITE TO: State Education Department, Educational Management Services, Room 1075 Education Building Annex, Albany, New York 12234.

  • The purchase of video cameras for use inside of school buses does not require approval.

Where a school district contracts with a consultant (individual or firm) to provide technical assistance and claims the expenditures for Transportation Aid, the district must submit a description of the services provided and documentation to show that both of the following criteria were satisfied.

  • The consultant services resulted in a more efficient, economical or safe transportation program.
  • The consultant services resulted in district staff being better able to manage the transportation program.
  • Completed Application Approval for Efficiency Study PDF ICON
Last Updated: May 3, 2019