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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day




  LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION memorializing Governor George E. Pataki to proclaim October 18, 2006 as School Bus Driver Appreciation Day in the State of New York


  WHEREAS, Each school day, more than two million children are transported to and from school in school buses in cities, towns and suburbs across the State of New York; and
WHEREAS, The safety and well-being of these children are the utmost concern to all New Yorkers and parents and schools entrust school bus drivers with the welfare of these children; and

  WHEREAS, The position of a school bus driver requires tremendous responsibility; they have to maneuver through traffic regardless of road conditions while maintaining the conduct of the children on the bus and are looked upon for leadership and life-saving decision-making in the event of an emergency; and
   WHEREAS,  School bus drivers delicately direct these children while they are exiting the bus at their destination; when an adult is normally at a bus stop to meet a child and is not present, they will keep that child in their safe care until adult supervision is located or the child can be returned to school; and

   WHEREAS,  Furthermore, school bus drivers may also be an important aid in the fight against terrorism; they are able to observe any suspicious activity or people along their bus route and communicate that information to the proper authorities; and

   WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to recognize and pay tribute to these dedicated professionals who deliver children throughout this great Empire State safely every day of every school year; now, therefore, be it

   RESOLVED,  That this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to memorialize Governor George E. Pataki to proclaim October 18, 2006 as School Bus Driver Appreciation Day in the State of New York; and be it further

   RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be transmitted to The Honorable George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of  New York.